2022 Greek Festival Success! Thank You!

It turned out to be a beautiful weekend on February 11-13th for St. Sophia's Greek Festival. And thanks to the many, many volunteers who devoted so many hours of their time and talents, - our Festival Committee members to start! - thank you for volunteering for this herculean task! - those who offered their elbow grease in cleaning to prepare the hall and kitchen, those with their cooking and baking expertise to prepare the delicious food and deserts, who stood in the hot sun or over hot ovens, those with their muscles and backs to clear the grounds for the vendors, those who shopped and ran repeated errands throughout, who served the food and emptied trash cans, and cleaned up long after everyone left, those who came before the sun arose and left long after some were tucked in for the night. 

And to our vendors, some of whom traveled far, who sat in the hot sun waiting patiently for their next sale. Not sure if the rain that appeared Saturday morning would abate and make your efforts worthwhile.  

And our patrons, some also who traveled far, and some frequent visitors over the years and some first timers to our event.  We thank you for taking the time to join us and enjoy our hospitality.  We hope your time was well spent!  

And the many others who participated in ways both big and small, our festival was a success because of you in ways both tangible and intangible. 

We were able to make money for the church and, God willing, that will enable us to continue doing good works in our community and in meeting the material needs of our fellow parishioners.  We also came together in the spirit of fellowship with each other, our neighbors, and our community at large to share a bit our our Greek culture and heritage, and more importantly, hopefully, our Orthodox faith.  In the end, that is what is the most important.  

So a well deserved "thank you" to everyone; volunteers, vendors, & patrons!  Visit our "Our Local Talent" page for photos from our festival. And, come back and see us next year!